How To Play Your Character

When deciding how you’re going to play your character, don’t just assume that the correct course of action is to find the next group of guys and kick their asses. Also, don’t just go along with the group! If your character doesn’t agree with what everyone wants to do, have him raise some objections!

Motivation: Look at your background

  • Why are you an adventurer? Money? Revenge? Curiosity? Knowledge?
  • Where are you from? A small town? A large city? A farm?
  • How did you learn your skills? Did your knowledge of nature come from foraging for food? Were you forced to become streetwise as a beggar?

Knowledge: Find out what your character knows

There is some amount of basic knowledge about the world that most characters have. Don’t assume that what you as a player know is correct. If you want to know what is common knowledge about a specific thing, ask.

Capabilities: Look at your stats

If your intelligence is low, you won’t be devising any cunning battle plans. Likewise, if your wisdom is high, you are unlikely to charge into battle without considering the consequences.

Alignment: Would your character actually consider this option?

Once you figure out what your options are, are there any that your character finds morally repellant, or that he would feel compelled to follow?

Forget what you know.

It is extremely difficult to set aside player knowledge when you’re deciding what your character is going to do. If you’ve read the DM’s guide, and you know that The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd has such-and-such capabilities, and you come upon something similar, it is easy to forget that Gragnak The Destroyer has never heard of it. Try to get inside your character’s head and figure out what they would do.

How To Play Your Character

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