House Rules

Action Points

Action points can normally be used to take an additional standard action during a turn, once per encounter. In addition to the standard use, you can:

  • Spend an action point to re-roll a failure on a daily power (after your roll)
  • Add a d6 to any roll (before you roll)

Expertise Feats

The Weapons/Implement Expertise feats were basically added to patch a gap between the player and enemy strength at higher levels. At Lv 1, they don’t do a ton. At Lv 10, you struggle if you don’t take your weapon’s expertise feat. At Lv 20, if you don’t have it, you’re boned. I don’t like a “must-take” feat, so these feats are off-limits, and you’ll get an automatic +1 to-hit at Lv 10, +2 to-hit at Lv 20.

Skill Checks as Minor Actions

A simple skill check can be taken as a minor action in combat. If the skill use is fairly active (i.e. picking a lock, examining some arcane runes), it still requires a standard action.

Critical Hit/Critical Miss

These are already in the books, but a natural 20 is a critical hit, resulting in the maximum value on the dice, plus 1d6 (rolled) per plus for magic items.

Critical hit with a +2 magical weapon that does 2d6+4 damage without bonuses
Base damage: 18 [2*6 + 4 + 2]
Crit damage: 5 [2d6 -> 3, 2]
Total: 23

A natural 1 is an automatic miss, and can’t be re-rolled by expending an action point.

House Rules

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